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How do you Sorta? Jim Thoburn, web developer

Web developer and elder Sortan Jim Thoburn has been with Sorta since the beginning, and his valuable input has helped shaped the product to where ...

How do you Sorta? Dusty Darrah, Artist & Certified Zentangle Teacher

After 30 years working in the telecom industry doing technical wiring and circuit testing in Denver, Colorado, Dusty shifted to more creative endeavors including founding Firehouse Quilts, a clever,  uplifting non-profit dedicated to supporting firefighters. She also teaches the fascinating, meditative art form known as Zentangle. She uses a Sorta Black Bookcloth Notebinder filled witha dozen sheets of Watercolor Paper.

She uses the Sorta as a constant artistic companion, ready to provide a fresh drawing surface to create Zentangle drawings (which she calls "Zs") wherever she goes:

How do you Sorta? Paul Pyzowski, Entrepreneur & Executive Advisor

Companies across the globe routinely ask Paul to help develop their businesses and make the most out of new, innovative technologies in genomics, neurotechnology, and microfabrication, to name a few. So yeah, he's kind of a big deal. He uses a Yellow Original Notebinder filled exclusively with Square Graph 5 stationery and Yellow Dividers

He uses his Sorta to take those every day business notes that don't necessarily need to become part of the permanent archives:

How do you Sorta? Designer Jacob Holloway's Lovely Mass Effect Doodles

Good friend and elder Sortan Jacob Holloway does digital strategy & design by day (with his consultancy Convergence) and draws fantastic sketches of his favorite sci-fi obsessions by night. Here, characters from Mass Effect.

Jacob uses a black leatherette notebinder loaded with unlined and graph paper.

How do you Sorta? Nicola Thompson, Los Angeles Writer

"Half my Sorta is To Do lists. The rest of the 25 pages I use as freeform scratch to brainstorm story ideas while I’m out and about. I jot down whatever comes to mind whenever inspiration strikes, without worrying about whether it's good or not."