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How do you Sorta? Dusty Darrah, Artist & Certified Zentangle Teacher

After 30 years working in the telecom industry doing technical wiring and circuit testing in Denver, Colorado, Dusty shifted to more creative endeavors including founding Firehouse Quilts, a clever,  uplifting non-profit dedicated to supporting firefighters. She also teaches the fascinating, meditative art form known as Zentangle. She uses a Sorta Black Bookcloth Notebinder filled witha dozen sheets of Watercolor Paper.

She uses the Sorta as a constant artistic companion, ready to provide a fresh drawing surface to create Zentangle drawings (which she calls "Zs") wherever she goes:

"You can use [Sorta] in a million ways as you'll see on his website. But of course I wanted to use it for Zentangles®. It's the perfect weight and smooth surface. Absolutely no bleeding through the back so it could feasibly be used to draw on both sides of the paper. The binder opens wide and lays flat. yipeeee

For my first Z creation in the @Sorta binder, I used the entire page; it's about 8"x5.5"; next ones I'll use just half pages for each which will make them more the size of the Z tile, if you like that size.

Perfect for dropping in your purse to take with you; there are even stretchy bands near the opening of binder to put around it and keep it closed tightly while traveling. [...] Stay tuned, this might be the perfect binder for Zs. "

Very cool stuff! Mixing watercolor paper with more everyday stationery like to do lists and calendars would be a great way to give your creative self some space to roam wherever you go.

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