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How do you Sorta? Nicola Thompson, Los Angeles Writer

"Half my Sorta is To Do lists. The rest of the 25 pages I use as freeform scratch to brainstorm story ideas while I’m out and about. I jot down whatever comes to mind whenever inspiration strikes, without worrying about whether it's good or not. Stuff that is worth keeping gets logged in my computer; everything else goes into the recycle bin, no harm no foul. 

"It's a nice change from my old journals, which were a source of writer's block in themselves—I'd constantly worry if my thoughts measured up to their leatherbound pedigree. As a result I have a lovely little graveyard of half-filled notebooks, none of which I've ever taken a second look at. Oh I'm sure they'll wind up in the Smithsonian one day. Right after I win the Nobel Prize. But for now I think I'll just keep on, you know, writing."

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