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How do you Sorta? Paul Pyzowski, Entrepreneur & Executive Advisor

Companies across the globe routinely ask Paul to help develop their businesses and make the most out of new, innovative technologies in genomics, neurotechnology, and microfabrication, to name a few. So yeah, he's kind of a big deal. He uses a Yellow Original Notebinder filled exclusively with Square Graph 5 stationery and Yellow Dividers

He uses his Sorta to take those every day business notes that don't necessarily need to become part of the permanent archives:

I had an older iPad, and instead of a cover I used a Moleskine - it fits a 10" iPad perfectly, and this way I could bring it into meetings and could use it to take notes.  What I didn't like about the system is that the Moleskine didn't lend itself to casual or scribbled note taking, it is really meant to be a journal.
Fast forward - my iPad breaks, I decide to get a mini instead - Moleskine is too big.  Turns out the Sorta is a perfect size to pair with the mini - AND - because the paper goes in/out, I can take the note taking sheets out as I go (either throw them out if they were for notes, or photo/save them if they are saving-notes).

Paul is CEO and Founder of Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine, which is dedicated to providing clinical decision support to physicians treating patients for chronic conditions including pain, substance abuse, and addiction. He's also does crazy wonderful things like takes his whole family on a trip to hike to Machu Picchu. 

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