Welcome to Sorta! Please allow 2 weeks for delivery (US & Canada only). Thanks! — Dave & Steve


First Sorta prototype

Sorta is the adaptive notebinder that lets you add, remove, and rearrange papers however you wish. It was invented by David Yoon in his garage workshop (see the photo of the prototype?). The first few thousand notebooks were made entirely by Dave, alone. 

Then Dave got a patent and a business partner, Steve Josephson, who was just as passionate about the idea of a compact, journal-sized notebook with rearrangeable pages. Steve also happened to have an office supply factory with years of experience, so hey.

Both Dave and Steve agree the Sorta notebook is a good idea because:

  • Notebooks are way faster than smartphones & tablets when it comes to jotting quick notes.
  • People remember things better when they use larger arm muscles to record them.
  • Sorta lets you write first and organize later.
  • Sorta is the cure for Intimidating Notebook Syndrome—you never have to worry about whether a thought is worthy enough to write down like you do with a permanently-bound book.
  • Sorta changes and adapts to fit your unique personality, because you are a beautiful human being and deserve your own space in the world.

Thousands of Sorta customers agree, too!

Got questions? Give us a buzz anytime.


In the meantime...

Yes, there will be a larger Sorta in the near future. Plus a smaller one!

Yes, we will create new stationery templates. We have all kinds of fun ideas for that.