ATTENTION SORTANS! The Sorta store will be closed as we ramp up our production & supply chain to meet inceasing demand. See you in early 2015! — Dave
"It's like carrying multiple notebooks in one. The Sorta is a bit of a combination between a binder and a traditional notebook, and brings the best of both worlds to the table—it’s small enough to carry around with you, but flexible enough that adding and removing pages is easy."

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New cloth & leatherette notebinders.
Durable, classically handsome, and always adaptable.
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Add, remove, and rearrange pages however you wish.
Sorta lets you remove finished projects to make room for others. Or keep a rolling collection of just the most important notes. Or separate your to do lists by subject. It’s up to you!
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Build a notebook that perfectly matches your unique mind.
Choose from dozens of designer stationery templates.
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"Half my Sorta is To Do lists. The rest of the 25 pages I use as freeform scratch to brainstorm story ideas while I’m out and about."
— Nicola Yoon, writer
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